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About Us

Styrhuset AS has 5 partners, each with more than 40 years of experience from international non-ferrous metallurgical process industry as well as complementary competence within management, technology research and development, process optimisation and sustainable improvements.

Styrhuset AS can offer a wide range of professional consultancy services and has both public and private businesses on their customer list. Our office is located in Kristiansand, Norway.

Styrhuset AS focuses on promoting innovative, environmentally sustainable, and forward-looking ideas for upcoming as well as existing businesses.

Styrhuset AS aims at being a preferred partner for professional competence sharing and for the exploration and development of business opportunities through the knowledge, experience, and networks of our partners.

Styrhuset AS's employees shall offer their services for temporary or more longer-term assignments.

Short list of services

•    Business opportunity investigations
•    Project elaboration and management
•    Technology investigations
•    Research and development project management

Which may include

  • Identification and development of opportunities, with special emphasis on sustainable transformation of industry

  • Commercialization and work plan for business achievements

  • Scientific approach to research activities

  • Side-stream investigations and utilization

  • Planning and execution of technical development programs

  • Assembling teams with relevant knowledge assist in writing of applications to Norwegian Research Council and other policy and financial instruments

  • Project management

  • Prosjektledelse

  • Execution of investigation projects

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