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Magne Dåstøl

Work experience
  • More than 45 years industrial experience, mainly within Elkem with subsidiaries; Technology, R&D, and business development.  Various management positions, Corporate Specialist.

  • Built up and conducted an R&D unit at Agder University College/Agder Research Foundation (1996-1998) within ICT, Materials Technology and Mechatronics.

  • Consultant to GCE NODE, an industry-driven cluster for ocean technologies, R&D and innovation projects (2014 – 2017)

Other relevant experience
  • Chairman Sørlandets Kompetansefond - The Competence Foundation of Southern Norway-(2000-2009). Contributed in this position to upgrade  Agder University College to accreditation as University of Agder.

  • Advisor for upgrading and applications of microsilica (silica fume), a byproduct from silicon industries, to smelting plants in Norway, China, USA, Iceland, Bhutan and Poland.

  • Board member of Ceram Tools, Ceramatec Inc. (USA), Termtech AB (Sweden), Sørlandets Sykehus HF (Regional hospital), various Elkem subsidiaries, Signal Analysis Lab

  • (Co-)inventor of 10 patents


  • Graduated metallurgist with supplementary exams in chemical/environmental engineering, materials science and international business development

  • Ex Phil and various 1-semester exams in humanoria at university college level

Main responsibilities 2020/2021.
  • CEO of Dastol Consult AS; partner in Styrhuset AS

  • Assisting Eramet Norway AS to develop new applications for slag by-product

  • Member of expert committees to map and evaluate potential applications for side-streams from Norwegian process industries

Main professional responsibilities
  • Worked as project engineer, researcher, R&D manager, technical director, managing director and business development director for various units/subsidiaries in Elkem.

  • Development of the (previous) waste product microsilica to saleable specialty products; commercial responsible for development of these into offshore O&G applications, refractory materials and building materials (asbestos replacement)

  • Appointed as Corporate Specialist in Elkem from 1998 (highest ranking company specialist)

  • In 2016 assigned Elkems Research Foundation Honorary Award a.o. for contribution of the development of microsilica from an industrial waste to a billion NOK business

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